anti theft

Anti-theft Solutions so you Retail in Peace

Shoplifting and theft are veritable threats to a retail business. More than planned burglary, day-to-day petty thefts can add up to huge losses in revenue.
At Alltech security Kenya we have created anti-theft solutions that not only cater to this problem area but also make customer flow management simpler.and also anti theft tagging systems solutions Kenya.
 Sensormatic An alarm system that only prevents shoplifting at supermarkets but also enables management of aisle movement
 Invue Cutting-edge merchandise security system enabled with trendy display units
 The Supermarket Anti-Theft systems are effective equipments guarding all kinds of marketplace against theft. The shoplifting problem is one of the biggest issues retailers have to deal with on a daily basis. No matter the type of merchandise you sell, there are people who will try to steal from you if you give them the opportunity to do so.
 It is advanced equipment, which can promote management efficiency, reduce labor cost and improve shopping environment. Application Area: All kinds of markets, supermarket, garment shop, bookstore and CD/DVD shop etc